2nd general meeting of the COST Action CA18212


4th to 8th of October 2021


25th August 2021Registration open
5th September 2021 Extended deadline:
12th September 2021
Abstract submission deadline for Young Scientific Forum speaker selection and poster presenters
26th September 2021Registration deadline


Confirmed speakers so far:

  • Klavs Hansen, Tianjin University - Characterizing molecules with power law decays
  • Oksana Plekan, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste - Molecular Dynamics at FERMI/LDM
  • Bratislav Marinkovic, Institute of Physics Belgrade - Electron scattering by metal atom vapours
  • Paul Scheier, Innsbruck University
  • Tomasz Wąsowicz, Gdańsk University of Technology - Inner-shell fragmentation of molecules into neutral fragments in high-Rydberg states induced by soft X-ray excitation with pulsed-field ionization
  • Sadia Bari, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY - Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy of isolated biomolecules
  • Paulo Limao-Vieira, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa - Methanol negative ions fragmentation probed in electron transfer experiments
  • Jesús González-Vázquez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Mathias Rapacioli, Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques - Investigating the dynamical evolution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and PAH clusters after energy deposition
  • Miroslav Polášek, The Czech Academy of Sciences - The reactivity of cyanamide radical cation with simple hydrocarbons: a quest for routes to complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium and Titan's atmosphere
  • Shirin Faraji, University of Groningen - Excited state on-the-fly hybrid quantum/classical dynamics
  • Noelle Walsh, MAX IV Laboratory
  • Michał Kochman, Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Science - Excited-state relaxation dynamics of 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzonitrile (DMABN) - from the gas phase to polar solvents
  • Moa Kristiansson, Stockholm University - Photodetachment studies of atomic and molecular anions in DESIREE
  • Robin Schürmann, University of Potsdam - Insights into plasmon chemistry from gas-phase experiments
  • Veljko Vujcic, Astronomical Observatory Belgrade - Characteristics of the atmospheric plasma: experiment and modelling
  • Diptesh Dey, University College London - Simulating photo-excitation with a laser pulse beyond the perturbative regime
  • Ana Martín Sómer, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Photodissociation dynamics of a protonated peptide: the role of microsolvation
  • Néstor F. Aguirre, Software for Chemistry & Materials
  • Nicolas Sisourat, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - On the Iodine plasma chemistry for space propulsion
  • Tomislav Pitesa, Ruder Boskovic Institute - Mixed quantum-classical approach to the simulation and assignment of the time-resolved photoelectron spectra
  • Emelie Olsson, University of Gothenburg - Unimolecular double photoionization-induced processes in iron pentacarbonyl

Organising Committee:

Scientific Committee:

Thomas Schlathölter, Paola Bolognesi, Sergio Diaz-Tendero, Sanja Tošić, Marta Łabuda, Amanda Steber, Dariusz G. Piekarski, Sylvain Maclot, Mattea C. Castrovilli

ECI forum Scientific Committee:

David Ayuso, Suvasthika Indrajith

Preliminary program:

Preliminary  program